Protection from theft

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Protection from theft

Post  kosovohp on Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:18 pm

Protection from theft is one service that the Mafia provides to paying "clients". Mafiosi themselves are generally forbidden from committing theft.[45] Instead, mafiosi make it their business to know all the thieves and fences operating within their territory. If a protected business is robbed, the clan will use these contacts to track down and return the stolen goods and punish the thieves, usually by beating them up.[46] Since the pursuit of thieves and their loot often goes into territories of other clans, clans routinely cooperate with each other on this matter, providing information and blocking the sale of the loot if they can.[46]

Although the Mafia mostly protects merchants from thieves, sometimes they protect thieves as well. They might protect thieves from retribution from unprotected merchants,[47] or from being swindled by untrustworthy fences. Small-time thieves operating in a clan's territory are usually not forced to give a cut of their takings, as the money involved in small thefts is not worth the trouble.[48] Aside from the money to be made through pizzo, protecting thieves encourages crime, which puts more pressure on merchants to seek mafioso protection

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