Archaeology and the Book of Mormon

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Archaeology and the Book of Mormon

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Since the introduction of the Book of Mormon in 1830, both Mormon and non-Mormon archaeologists have studied its claims in reference to known archaeological evidence. Latter Day Saints generally believe that the Book of Mormon describes ancient historical events in the Americas. Mainstream historians and archaeologists do not regard the Book of Mormon as a work of ancient American history.
The Book of Mormon describes three heavily populated, literate, advanced[1] civilizations in the Americas. The book primarily deals with the Nephites and the Lamanites, who it claims existed in the Americas from about 600 BC to AD 400. It also deals with the rise and fall of the Jaredite nation, which the Book of Mormon claims came from the Old World shortly after the fall of the Tower of Babel.
Critics and supporters disagree as to whether archaeological findings support or disprove the historicity of the Book of Mormon. Some Mormon archaeologists and researchers claim various archaeological findings such as place names, and ruins of the Inca, Maya, Olmec and other ancient American and Old World civilizations as giving credence to the Book of Mormon record.[2] Critics and non-Mormon archaeologists disagree with these conclusions, arguing that the Book of Mormon mentions several animals, plants, and technologies that are not substantiated by the archaeological record between 3100 BC to 400 AD in America,[3][4][5][6] including the following: ass,[7] cow,[8] horses, ox, domesticated sheep, swine,[9] goats,[10] elephants,[11] wheat,[12] barley,[13] silk,[14] steel,[15] swords,[11] scimitars, chariots[16] and other elements. Additionally, scientists note that genetic studies show that Amerind genes are mostly though not entirely of Asiatic origin,[17] which appears to conflict with the Book of Mormon account of their ancestry. LDS deal with the genetics problem in a variety of ways. See Genetics and the Book of Mormon.

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