Demographics of Guatemala

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Demographics of Guatemala

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According to the CIA World Fact Book, Guatemala has a population of 12,728,111 (2007 est). About 42% of the population is Ladino, also called Mestizo (mixed Amerindian and Spanish). Whites (primarily of Spanish, but also those of Italian, German, British and Scandinavian descent) make up about 18% of the population. Amerindian populations include the K'iche' 7.1%, Kaqchikel 7.2%, Mam 7.9% and Q'eqchi 6.3%. 7.6% of the population is "other Mayan", 0.4% is indigenous non-Mayan, making the indigenous community in Guatemala about 39% of the population.[24]

There are smaller communities present. The Garífuna, who are descended from Black Africans and indigenous peoples from St. Vincent's, live mainly in Livingston and Puerto Barrios, and other blacks and mulattos. There are also Asians, mostly of Chinese descent.Other Asian groups include Arabs of Lebanese and Syrian descent. There is also a growing Korean community in Guatemala City and in nearby Mixco, currently numbering about 10,000.[25] Guatemala's German population is credited with bringing the tradition of a Christmas tree to the country.[26]

In 1900, Guatemala had a population of 885,000.[27] Over the course of the twentieth century the population of the country grew, the fastest growth in the Western Hemisphere. The ever-increasing pattern of emigration to the U.S. has led to the growth of Guatemalan communities in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Texas, Rhode Island and elsewhere since the 1970s

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