Economy of Bangladesh

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Economy of Bangladesh

Post  kosovohp on Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:09 pm

Despite continuous domestic and international efforts to improve economic and demographic prospects, Bangladesh remains a developing nation.[61] Its per capita income in 2008 was US$520 compared to the world average of $10,200.[45]

Jute was once the economic engine of the country. Its share of the world export market peaked in the Second World War and the late 1940s at 80%[62] and even in the early 1970s accounted for 70% of its export earnings. However, polypropylene products began to substitute for jute products worldwide and the jute industry started to decline. Bangladesh grows very significant quantities of rice, tea and mustard.

Although two-thirds of Bangladeshis are farmers, more than three quarters of Bangladesh’s export earnings come from the garment industry,[63] which began attracting foreign investors in the 1980s due to cheap labour and low conversion cost. In 2002, the industry exported US$5 billion worth of products.[64] The industry now employs more than 3 million workers, 90% of whom are women.[65] A large part of foreign currency earnings also comes from the remittances sent by expatriates living in other countries.

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