Climate of Moscow

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Climate of Moscow

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Moscow has a humid continental climate (Kppen climate classification Dfb) with warm, somewhat humid summers and long, cold winters. Typical high temperatures in the warm months of June, July and August are around 23 C (73 F), but during heat waves (which can occur between May and September), daytime high temperatures often top 30 C (86 F) - sometimes for a week or a two at a time. In the winter, temperatures normally drop to approximately −10 C (14.0 F), though there can be periods of warmth with temperatures rising above 0 C (32 F). The highest temperature ever recorded was 38.2 C (100.8 F)[27] at VVC and 39.0 C (102.2 F) in the center of Moscow on 29 July 2010 during the unusual 2010 Northern Hemisphere summer heat wave, and the lowest ever recorded was −42.2 C (−44.0 F) in January 1940. Snow cover (present for 35 months a year) typically begins at the end of November and melts by mid-March.

Monthly rainfall totals vary minimally throughout the year, although the precipitation levels tend to be higher during the summer than during the winter. Due to the significant variation in temperature between the winter and summer months as well as the limited fluctuation in precipitation levels during the summer, Moscow is considered to be within a continental climate zone.

The average annual temperature in Moscow is 5.4 C (41.7 F), but for the last two years (20072008) the annual temperature has averaged above 7 C (45 F).[28] In contrast, during the first half of the 20th century, Moscow experienced light frost during the late summer months.[29]

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