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Montreal Comiccon

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The Montreal Comiccon (French: Comiccon de Montréal), under its actual form, was launched in 2006 as "Montreal Comic-Con". The event features comic books, toys, games, science-fiction, horror, anime, non-sport cards and collectibles. It is held 3 times a year at Place Bonaventure, in Montreal, with the biggest of the 3 shows taking place in September and lasting 2 days.

Special guests, artists, exhibitors and special contests make the Comiccon suitable for children and adults. The September 2010 edition featured guests such as Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Independence Day), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Peter Mayhew (Star Wars) and Kirby Morrow (Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Inuyasha).

The Montreal Comiccon strives to become a fan convention with multi-genre content, with focus on comics, sci-fi, horror, anime and games. While sharing common traits with Toronto's Fan Expo Canada, the Montreal Comiccon differentiates itself by offering a variety of attractions catering to both the anglophone and francophone population markets of Montreal, and bridging the gap between American comics and European bande dessinée with crossborder and overseas guests and attractions.

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