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Culture Crash Comics

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Culture Crash was a bi-monthly Filipino comic magazine published by Culture Crash Comics and J. C. Palabay Ent., Inc.. It features different stories of anime-styled comics drawn by their staff, these include Cat's Trail, Pasig, Solstice Butterfly, One Day, Isang Diwa and Kubori Kikiam. Aside from these series, the magazine also includes articles like Movie Reviews, Music Reviews, Special Events, and How We Draw which shows the staff's techniques on how they draw comics. The comic anthology was created by Jescie James Palabay and his college friends in 1999.[2] In 2004, they released Issue 14, that was the last issue to be sold in the market. Its successful sales together with other local comics producers such as Psicom and Summit Publishing was an indicator that comics readership is stable and growing in the Philippines.

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