The peoples of North Africa

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The peoples of North Africa

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The peoples of North Africa comprise two main Semitic groups; Berber and Arabic-speaking peoples in the west, and Egyptians and Libyans in the east. These peoples have always been ethnically, culturally, physically, historically and linguistically far more closely related to the Semites of the Middle East than to the Africans of Sub Saharan Africa. The Arabs who arrived in the seventh century introduced the Arabic language and Islam to North Africa. The Semitic Phoenicians (who founded Carthage) and Hyksos, the Indo- Iranian Alans, the Indo- European Greeks, Romans and Vandals settled in North Africa as well. Berbers still make up the majority in Morocco, while they are a significant minority within Algeria. They are also present in Tunisia and Libya.[77] The Semitic Tuareg and other often-nomadic peoples are the principal inhabitants of the Saharan interior of North Africa. Nubians are a Nilo-Saharan-speaking group (though many also speak Arabic), who developed an ancient civilisation in northeast Africa.

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