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Allansia (ISBN 0-14-036051-4) is the third (and last) of the three rule books that make up the Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-playing game. It was written by Marc Gascoigne and Pete Tamlyn, illustrated by Russ Nicholson and was originally published in 1994. The system is based on Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy series. It builds on the rules set out in the first two Advanced Fighting Fantasy books, Dungeoneer and Blacksand!.

Although the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks are currently being republished by Wizard, there are currently no plans to republish any of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy books.[1]

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[edit] Structure

As with the previous book, Blacksand!, the book jumps straight into the new rules. As well as new rules it contains information on creating adventures based out in the wilderness and provides information on designing outdoor adventures. The book also includes information on a variety of Allansian environments. The book ends with an adventure that utilizes the new rules introduced in the book.
[edit] Rules
Main article: Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Allansia introduces several new rules. It introduces new Special Skills relating to outdoor settings and mass battles as well as clarifying some existing ones to work in these settings. It introduces a range of new magic Spells for all the variety of Spells. The book includes rules for creating non-human characters, and to finish introduces new rules for Mass Battles.
[edit] Adventure

Allansia contains a single adventure 'A Darkness Over Kaad', the plot of which follows on from the adventures in the previous Advanced Fighting Fantasy books. The players are summoned by Yaztromo to stop the evil Elimite priest Sargon, who is marching on the city of Kaad with an army to destroy it. The character must team up with a rather unusual character - a Goblin scout named Giblet -, overtake Sargon's army by traveling through the wilderness of Allansia, win over Giblet's tribe as allies against their common enemy, and warn Kaad of the impending danger.

During the adventure, the players encounter a tribe of swamp people, who originally came from Kaad and who guard an artefact which may prove harmful to Sargon. The game climaxes with the confrontation on the players' and Sargon's armies on the battlefield and the final conrontation with Sargon himself.

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