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Titan is the fantasy world where the majority of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone's Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery! gamebooks and novels, as well as the related role-playing game, are set. It is treated in detail in Titan: The Fighting Fantasy World, a guide book written by Marc Gascoigne (though credited to Jackson and Livingstone) in 1986 (ISBN 0-14-032127-6).

* 1 Continents
o 1.1 Allansia
+ 1.1.1 Icefinger Mountains
+ 1.1.2 Western Allansia
+ 1.1.3 Eastern Allansia
o 1.2 Khul
o 1.3 The Old World
* 2 Deities
* 3 Editions
* 4 External links

[edit] Continents

The world of Titan is split into three main continents: Allansia, the Old World and Khul. Most of the continents are generic medieval fantasy environments, though some areas or kingdoms have a flavour inspired by the real world; for example, the land of Hachiman in south-east Khul, featured in Sword of the Samurai, is clearly based on Feudal Japan. The parallels between the major continents and the real world are considered obvious by some:[who?] Allansia, land of adventure, is America. Port Blacksand is Los Angeles. The Old World is Europe, with its many independent states with distinct identities and historic "War of the Four Kingdoms" (World War II ). Finally Khul, the "Dark Continent", reflects the western view of Africa.

Some of the gamebooks are set on islands outside the main continents, such as the Isles of the Dawn or the Arrowhead Islands.

There are frequent references to the Second World War in the mythology of Titan. The Vampire of "Vault of the Vampire" and sequels is "Count Reiner Heydrich", based on Reinhard Heydrich, deputy head of the SS.[citation needed]

An "Unknown Land" exists far to the south-west of Khul; there is almost no information about it in the Fighting Fantasy canon. Some FF fans have speculated that this land contains "Gundobad", where Clash of the Princes takes place. Others have suggested the land is the FF equivalent of Antarctica.
[edit] Allansia

Allansia is the largest continent, and the majority of Fighting Fantasy books are set here. It is largely an untamed wilderness, covered in city-states and the occasional tiny kingdom. It is also a land of extremes, ranging from the freezing Icefinger Mountains, to the temperate plains of Western Allansia, down into the Desert of Skulls and the swamps and jungles of Arantis.
[edit] Icefinger Mountains

One of the highest and most dangerous mountain ranges in Titan, Icefinger Mountains remain a wild territory, virtually untouched by the civilized world. The peaks are covered with ice and snow the entire year and its caves are inhabited by savage tribes of orcs and goblins that struggle to thrive in this hostile environment. In the most desolated places within the mountains, an occasional white dragon's den can be found.

The most known (and feared) inhabitant of Icefinger Mountains is the mysterious Snow Witch, who dwells in a secluded complex of caverns, protected by armies of slaved orcs and frightening undead minions. Legends about the Witch are contradictory at best: some say she is a powerful sorcerer and also a vampire, others say that she was murdered by a group of adventurers some time ago, but that she continues to torment the mountains in the form of an evil and almost god-like spirit.
[edit] Western Allansia

The most densely populated portion of the continent is constituted of a great extension of temperate plains ranging from the Icefinger Mountains in the north to the Desert of Skulls in the south. There are no organized kingdoms in this area of Allansia, just several villages and city-states coexisting in a feudal-like system. The notable cities in the region include Salamonis, Port Blacksand, Fang and Stonebridge.

Located in the heart of Western Allansia is the Darkwood Forest, a dark and dangerous forest that hides ancient tombs, hostile animals and, the legends say, communities of Dark elves. In the northeast, close to the tiny village of Anvil, the Firetop Mountain can be found. This mountain is home to one of the most powerful wizards in the continent, the archmage Zagor.

The southwest portion of the continent is much more exotic and less developed than the northwest, but the dominant power in the region is the ancient theocracy of Arantis, ruled by an Overpriest said to be a representative of the gods. Further east, the kingdom of Vymorna and the peoples of the Axehead Plains are threatened by the Lizard Man Empire, arguably the most powerful organized state on the continent and possessed of fearsome military power.
[edit] Eastern Allansia

Northwestern Allansia leads to the Flatlands, a vast series of prairies and heaths that eventually lead to a land of rugged, forested hills and mountains. Prominent settlements in the region include the elves inhabiting the immense Forest of Night, the sacred dwarven homeland of Fangthane, and the Scandinavian-like kingdom of Vynheim.

Further south, Eastern Allansia leads to the salt marshes of Lake Nykosa and the extremely hot Plain of Bronze and Plain of Bones, both of which are inhabited by dinosaurs and other dangerous monsters, as well as mostly unknown kingdoms. The far southeast of the continent is home to a number of Arabian-inspired cities based around the Glimmering Sea.
[edit] Khul

Khul is a continent found further to the south, and is very similar to Allansia in that it lacks any major nations. It is a fairly generic fantasy setting, but tends to be slightly more Oriental in influence, with many cultures vaguely similar to Japan, China, Russia, Mongolia and the Black Sea. Khul is strongly dominated by the Wastes of Chaos, an internal desert filled with mutants and horror (similar to the Chaos Wastes in Warhammer Fantasy (setting)). When the three continents were united as one, many different peoples came to what would become Khul from other lands, making it arguably the most ethnically diverse continent on Titan.
[edit] The Old World

The Old World is the most civilised continent on Titan, being covered almost entirely by the kingdoms of Femphrey, Gallantaria, Brice, the Northlands, Lendleland, Analand (protected by a Great Wall), Ruddlestone and Mauristatia (a Transylvania-like region infested with vampires and werewolves). The only region without any form of government is Kakhabad, a lawless areas north of Analand which features in the Sorcery! series.
[edit] Deities

Titan was created by a number of deities; for a gamebook series, Fighting Fantasy had a highly developed religious lore.

* Titan: Creator of the World, father of the Gods
* Logaan: Creator of Humans, known as the Trickster God
* Sindla: Luck and Fate, Leader of the Hall of Mind
* Libra: Justice and Truth
* Usrel: Peace
* Asrel: Beauty and Love
* Hamaskis: Learning
* Glantanka: Sun
* Lunara: Moon
* Throff: Earth
* Hydana: Water
* Galana: Plants and Fertility
* Pangara: Wind
* Lorodil: Volcanoes
* Sukh: Storms
* Aqualis: Rivers
* Farigiss: Ice and Cold
* Courga: Grace
* Fourga: Pride, twin of Courga
* Telak: Courage
* Death: First Lord of Chaos
* Disease: 'The Festering Lord'
* Decay: Insects, Mould and Rot
* Slangg: Malice
* Tanit: Envy and Jealousy

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