The Trolltooth Wars

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The Trolltooth Wars

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The Trolltooth Wars is a fantasy novel (ISBN 0-140-32482-Cool written by Steve Jackson, and published by Puffin Books. It is set in the world of Titan, specifically in the continent of Allansia. It is also the first Fighting Fantasy novel.
[edit] Plot

The story revolves around the war between two evil sorcerers from the Allansia continent: Balthus Dire (from The Citadel of Chaos) and Zharradan Marr (from Creature of Havoc). Marr, who controls the Trolltooth Pass (which gives the novel its title) is expecting a caravan with a shipment of the rare herb cunnelwort. This powerful herb gives a sorcerer access to alien planes of existence. However, Dire orders his Goblins to ambush the caravan and steal the herb shipment for himself. The plan fails when one member of the caravan manages to survive the ambush and tell Zharradan of the attack, which allows him to discover who was behind it.

And so the Trolltooth Wars begin, with Zharradan Marr attempting to take back the cunnelwort and getting revenge on Balthus Dire, while Dire remains on the defensive and tries to use the herb to his advantage.

The Kingdom of Salamonis is under threat due to the war, because if one victor emerges he'll be too powerful, and in a position to conquer the neighbouring kingdoms. Therefore, a champion of the court, Chadda Darkmane is entrusted with the mission to somehow turn the war to Salamonis' benefit. This leads to extensive travels through the continent of Allansia, including a trip to the Firetop Mountain, where Zagor (from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) resides.

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