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Kid Icarus

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Kid Icarus​ (光神話 パルテナの鏡, Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami,? "Light Myth: Palthena's Mirror")[3] is a platforming video game and is the first entry in the Kid Icarus series. Developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1 and published by Nintendo, the game was released in Japan in December 1986, in North America in July 1987, and in Europe in 1987. It was re-released for the Wii Virtual Console in Europe, North America, and Japan in February 2007. Following a series of commercially successful video games released by Nintendo in the early 1980s, the company began developing Metroid alongside its sister game, Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus was produced by Gunpei Yokoi and directed by Satoru Okada, with music composed by Hirokazu Tanaka. It is set in the kingdom of Angel Land, the story follows Pit as he attempts to save the kingdom and Palutena, the Goddess of Light, from Medusa, the Goddess of Darkness.

The game has been noted to combine elements of Nintendo's three biggest franchises of the time -- Zelda, Mario, and Metroid -- in that lead character Pit can "jump like Mario, [has] object-driven ability-enhancing like Link, and shoot[s] enemies like Samus." It gained many awards such as a slot in IGN's 2003 list of the Top 100 Games of All Time, it was also inducted into the GameSpy Hall of Fame. A sequel, Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters was released in 1991 for the Game Boy, with a third game, Kid Icarus: Uprising, announced for Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010.

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