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Knytt is pronounced /kˈnɪt/, with a hard k and a y pronounced as in the name Dylan.[5] The game's name comes from a character in the book, Vem ska trösta Knyttet, by renowned Swedish-Finnish children's author Tove Jansson.[6]

A peculiar creature living on a unique planet, the Knytt (which roughly translates as "tiny creature" in Swedish)[7] is abducted by an alien in a spaceship for no apparent reason and taken into outer space.[8][9] While the alien is traveling through space, the spaceship is hit by a meteoroid and crashes onto another planet. Thankfully, the Knytt and the alien who has abducted it survive, but the spaceship is so heavily damaged that they are trapped on this new world. It is up to the Knytt to venture courageously through the various different types of terrain and caves on this planet to retrieve the pieces of spaceship so that it can return to its home.

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