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Superfrog is a 2D Platform game developed for the Amiga and then converted for the PC, developed by Team17 Software in 1993. The Amiga version was popular enough to spawn an Amiga CD32 version, which could also be played on some Amiga computers fitted with a CD drive. Team17 published all the versions in their own right as an independent publisher, although the box of the PC version claims that the distributing was handled by Ocean Software (it is possible that Ocean acquired the redistribution rights to the PC version following the success of Worms, in the hopes that people would recognize the Team17 name).

Superfrog fans seem unable to agree on the correct capitalization of the name. Most fan sites list the name as "Superfrog", while others previously made a point of capitalizing the F ("SuperFrog") although this has recently changed.

The logos on all variations of the boxart, as well as the logo on the title screen, spell the word(s) entirely in capitals - "SUPERFROG". Team17's official website lists the title simply as "Superfrog", although this has changed on occasion during website redesigns.

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[edit] Story

The story (mostly conveyed through the introductory animation by Eric W. Schwartz) is about a prince (inspired from the Frog Prince fairy tale) who is turned into a frog by a witch. His girlfriend is then abducted by the same witch. He was subsequently sulking by the "River O' Despair" when he found a floating bottle of Lucozade, which made him Superfrog. The objective of the game is to find and defeat the witch, then rescue the princess. When the player has defeated the witch, a quick end sequence shows the frog and the princess kissing, but - rather than the frog turning back into the prince - the princess is turned into a frog instead.

The game features an overt commercial tie-in with the energy drink Lucozade as a health-boosting powerup, similar to the Chupa Chups sponsorship of Zool, 7-Up's sponsorship of Cool Spot and Quavers sponsorship of Pushover.
[edit] Gameplay

There are 24 regular levels divided in six differently themed worlds. The goal of each level is to collect a number of coins and then reach the exit (the levels are also on time). Depending on the number of coins and fruit collected and on how fast the player finished the level a number of up to 15 credits are awarded at the end of each level. The player can then choose to either collect the credits for a score or gamble them in a slot machine-style minigame for more bonuses. The most important function of the slot machine minigame is the chance to win a level code enabling the player to restart the game from the beginning of the next level at a later time.

An extra level between world 5 and 6 took the form of a side-scrolling shoot 'em up called Project-F in homage to Team 17's own Project-X (even going as far as using a remixed version of the original game's theme tune). There were no coins to collect in this level, the only goal was to reach the end.

The game ends with a small boss fight against the witch.
[edit] Reception

Team17's earlier games became relatively obscure after the release of the hugely popular Worms series, though many gamers remember Superfrog fondly for its solid gameplay, smooth scrolling, cartoon-quality graphics, and upbeat music. Although a relatively small release by the standards of blockbuster platformers like Sonic, it was very well received and has retained a fan base which considers it a technically perfect example of the genre[1]. It has had at least two fan sites online, the largest and most popular being Superfrog: The Tribute Site.
[edit] Revival

Over the years, rumours have circulated about potential sequels to the original. published a brief news snippet about a potential sequel, quoting an unnamed programmer as saying "It is going to be amazing". There have also been rumours of a potential DS or PSP revival of the original. Most recently a Team17 animator changed his avatar on the Team17 forum to that of a freshly-animated Superfrog walk cycle.

Team17 themselves appear not to have forgotten about Superfrog, as the titular character - the frog himself - makes cameo appearances in their most recent games, notably Worms Blast and Worms 3D. Martyn "Spadge" Brown, Creative Director at Team17, has also expressed an interest in reviving the character in a new Superfrog title.

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