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Seiklus is a platform game for Microsoft Windows. It was created by a single author, cly5m, using Game Maker over a period of approximately 6 months.[1]

* 1 Overview
* 2 Music
* 3 Impact
* 4 References
* 5 External links

[edit] Overview

Seiklus (Estonian for "adventure") is a puzzle platformer written on GML (Game Maker Language) with an emphasis on exploration. There is no dialogue or literary exposition of the plot. The game consists of various different, loosely connected areas the player has to explore, collecting both items to help on the way and floating "wisps" of various colours; obtaining a 100% collection rate on all levels will unlock the bonus level which is needed to view the ending and credits. Seiklus has no weapons and no violence. There are various "hostile" lifeforms in some areas, but at worst they only set the player back a little. It is impossible to die or get stuck.
[edit] Music

Cly5m did not compose any of the game's music. Rather, he chose to include various chiptunes from other artists that are widely available in the Internet, hoping to expose chip music to people who would perhaps never find it otherwise.[citation needed] This style of music recalls the simplicity of music from early computer games, where primitive sound chips forced musicians to rely upon compositional skill and melody rather than orchestration or production values.

The soundtrack of the game consists of:

1. "Believe in Yourself" by Stalker (original by emax/trsi)
2. "C64-Driller" by Warwick Gaetjens (original by Matt Gray)
3. "Puzzle Game 3" by Front 6
4. "Rainy Summerdays" by Radix
5. "Sanxion" by Dreamfish (original Thalamusik by Rob Hubbard in the game Sanxion)
6. "Wings of Death" by Jochen Hippel
7. "Yoghurt Factory" by Radix

[edit] Impact

Since its release, Seiklus has had a broad and growing influence on certain circles of indie game development (for example, cited as inspiration by Nifflas, the creator of Within a Deep Forest and Knytt,[2] and also by Matthew Thorson, the creator of An Untitled Story.[3].

In its visibility, Seiklus has gone some way to help legitimize software produced with canned game creation utilities, illustrating the benefits of design over rote technology.[4] Its influence has spread to the point where, even in mainstream industry publications, the game has become something of a point of reference: a name drop,[5] to get across various points about game design.[6] It has also featured in some direct capacity in publications as diverse as Edge and The Gamer's Quarter.[7]

Sulkeis, a demake of Seiklus, by Legendary Creations was recently completed that took second place in the GameJolt Indie Game Demake Contest.[8]

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