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Malice is a platform game for the Xbox and PlayStation 2 developed by Argonaut Games and published by Mud Duck Games in North America and Evolved Games in Europe. The game was originally supposed to be a title for the Sony PlayStation.[3] However it was ported and management aimed to release it in late 2001 as an Xbox launch title with band members from No Doubt doing various voice-overs and singer Gwen Stefani doing the voice for Malice.[4][5] After a lengthy delay[6], cancellation[7], a change in publishers and an eventual revival, the game was finally released in 2004 and was met with mediocre reviews. This was also the last game Argonaut ever made, due to the company going out of business 2 months after the Xbox version came out in all European regions.

The game is about the return of a goddess named Malice, who attempts to defeat the evil Dog God with the help of the Metal Guardian, the Keeper of Universe, who needs to find eight Logic Keys to locate the evil Dog God.

In one of the trailers for Malice, it was shown that the player could control a cat. However, this never occurs in the actual game.

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