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Battle Monsters

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Battle Monsters (バトルモンスターズ?) is a 1995 vs. fighting game originally developed and published by Naxat Soft in Japan for the Sega Saturn, and later published in North America and Europe by Acclaim Entertainment.
[edit] Gameplay

Similar to Atari's Pit-Fighter, the game makes heavy use of digitized human actors as the characters, plus some blood and gore influenced by Midway's Mortal Kombat series. One of the most unique features in it are multiple platforms to jump or drop on.
[edit] Fighters

There are 12 playable characters to choose from. Some have different names depending on regional versions. (English version)

* Albiole, a mysterious wraith that's able to use lightning and teleporting as his basic movelist. None of his profile entries have any information written in them.
* Chili and Pepper, two characters acting as one, including attacks such as Chili using Pepper as a projectile. They come from the 'Gemini' tribe.
* Deathmask, a rather tall golem using mainly grapples.
* Drethdok, a cyclopean monster that's able to breathe fire and, strangely, heal himself. He comes from the 'Monocle' tribe, which is most likely a reference to his one eye.
* Fangore, a towering skeleton with long red hair and a scimitar, somewhat reminiscent of Killer Instinct's Spinal.
* Headless Harn, a man that carries his own head by his ponytail. He comes from the 'Chai' tribe. Interestingly, Harn's ending depicts him putting his head back on.
* Kap Ka, who seems to be a magician. He naturally has an arsenal of magic-based attacks, the majority of them coming from his weapons, two levitating iron balls. His profile states that he is a trickster.
* La Pa, a living doll whose movelist seems to be based around ballerina.
* Makaryudo, a barbarian who sports a shield, spiked knuckles and a fire bow and arrow.
* Naga, a standard gorgon. She is able to actually morph into a cluster of snakes in a few of her attacks.
* Shion, the only human character in the game (supposedly), he is a samurai who wears an eyepatch and, like Fangore, brandishes a scimitar.
* Skythe, a half-bird, half-human creature. He is able to fly around the battlefield. He apparently comes from the Dark Side[disambiguation needed] tribe.

Bosses (The Big 4)

* Behemoth
* Jinnee
* Leviathan
* Salamander

In the Japanese version of the game, several names were originally as follows:

* Drethdok is Strawbelly Jam
* Fangore is Ki Ba
* Headless Harn is Heart Heat Harn
* Skythe is Kuja

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