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Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX

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With the money that that player wins per fight, the player can go to the store from sunrise to sunset and upgrade his or her equipment. From sunset to sunrise, the player can either bet on arena fights to gain extra cash or participate in them in order to gain experience points. Also, the player has the ability to fight on the streets during any moment of the day. Computer opponents that are defeated in low levels often come back in higher level formats, although they occasionally respawn as a lower level warrior. Sometimes, a player can even fight a clone of either himself or herself. This clone will either be superior, inferior, or on equal terms to the player's character. There are five difficulty levels from very easy to very hard. The game can be played by either one or two players. There is no blood and fantasy violence (either with or without melee weapons) dominate most of the game.

By the end of most games, the player will have a wealthy, powerful fighter with the strongest gear and protection. Settings for fights can take place anywhere from military bases to arena and even the city streets. Each fighter has three other gauges besides his or her health; they determine the strength of the attacks, the speed of the player, and the toughness of the defense (guard).

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