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Starfox Assault - GC

Post  Mr007 on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:46 am

SIZE="6"]Starfox Assault[/SIZE]

StarFox Assault is the Second StarFox game to appear on the GameCube. It all starts after the events of StarFox Adventures. That means the WHOLE crew is here, that means Slippy has well, which is unfortunate. Let me tell you I was really excited to get this game back in 2004. And I can definitely say it’s no LylatWars

The story starts off in an epic battle scene between Cornerians (the good guys) and the Venomians… Venomish…the people from the planet Venom (the bad guys). Leading the… people from Venom is Andross’ grandson. Which is ok at least it’s not a fish or something (StarFox Command reference there). When the Cornerians are in trouble because of… the Venom guys’ Stealth Squadron, Team StarFox appears out of a warp gate. This sounds pretty awesome! This game’s gonna be great! The first mission starts with you in the Arwing shooting every enemy in sight, just like in LylatWars. Everything is here, you’ve got the team speaking with each other throughout the mission, you’ve got the epic music that every StarFox fans loves, you’ve got the Peppy telling you to ‘DO A BARREL ROLL!’ but he now says instead ‘DODGE!’ (Which means ‘DO A BARREL ROLL’) ‘DODGE!’ will never become a meme Peppy, ‘sigh’, Stupid Wabbit, Arwings are for Wolling. You’ve also got the whiney Slippy who still can’t deal with his own problems ‘Help! I’m being chased!’ ‘Whoa! Get this guy off me!’ You have to keep you team mates safe and you get something at the end. The First boss is Andross’ son, in a mechanical Andross… Huh? Never mind it gets blown up by a laser beam after you ‘defeat it’. Not only is it mechanical but it’s exactly the same as the Andross you’ve already faced in LylatWars and StarFox Adventures, Destroy the two palms on it’s hands and BOOM! But anyway, ‘Who destroys it anyway?’ It was a thing called an ‘Aparoid’, which is not an Animal Crossing Gyroid if you’re wondering. Anyway you destroy it by shooting the thing in its mouth. Mission finished, well done, get medals. Getting Medals is new in Assault, you can get medals for how many enemies you shoot down and if you keep your team-mates alive. You get bronze, silver or gold medals depending on how many points you get. That’s ok I guess but what do these medals do? Get 10 silver and you unlock something special, it’s great what’ll unlock but you’ll have to find that out for yourself.

In this game you can go on foot, go in an Arwing or the Landmaster. Only 3 of the 10 missions- wait ten missions? That’s a bit short don’t you think? Anyway 3 missions are Arwing only missions while the other missions are either all 3 or on foot and landmaster. The Landmaster hasn’t changed at all from it’s last appearance in LylatWars, which I pretty shweet if you ask me. The new on foot parts aren’t great, it can get a little annoying with what the controls given, but you can easily learn the manoeuvres. What I really like in the all-modes-in missions is that you can change between the three, if you want to blast the bugs to death you can go in a Landmaster, if you want to ‘DO A BARREL ROLL!’ you can change to a Arwing! I feel like Barrel Rolling right now, excuse me

Right on to the Multiplayer mode. The Multiplayer is a shooting game where you kill the other players to win. THAT’S GREAT! NOW I CAN KILL SLIPPY HAS MANY TIMES HAS I WANT! The Multiplayer mode starts off with a couple of maps, modes and characters. Each Character has different statistics like Falco is the best at using Arwings, but has terrible health. Fox is that all-around guy. Slippy apparently the best at using a Landmaster, and yet he can’t fly the Arwings. Krystal, being teh n00b of teh StarFox cru, has bad statistics but gets two shields instead of one when she dies. You can also unlock Wolf, who is b’dass and Peppy, who can ‘DO A BARREL ROLL!’ You can unlock more stages and modes by playing a certain amount of matches. Now I’m not sure about your friends but mine don’t want to play 200 matches to unlock a new stage.

This game is great fun for Single and Multiplayer. However Single Player lacks a lot of Depth and Multiplayer can get boring no matter how many times you kill Slippy. I told you this is no LylatWars

 That epic music will seduce you, literally
 Changing from each mode is a great idea
 Multiplayer is fun

 You might need more players to enjoy it to the full
 10 levels is far to short


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