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Golden Axe: The Duel

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Golden Axe: The Duel (ゴールデンアックス・ザ・デュエル?) is a fantasy-themed competitive fighting game produced by Sega based on their Golden Axe series. It was originally released as a coin-operated arcade game in 1994 and later ported to the Sega Saturn. It is the third coin-operated installment in the series, following the original Golden Axe and Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder.
European Sega Saturn cover art
[edit] Story

Many years have passed since the last war with Death Adder. But, as memories of those dark times begin to fade, another war is beginning. Out of the mists of time, a magical axe is discovered. The legend of the axe is well known throughout the land, for it is told that this axe is the very one which Gillius Thunderhead used to slay Death Adder.

Over time, the powers of the axe have grown. It is said that the artifact can grant its owner anything his or her heart desires. Young and old, good and evil, many are drawn towards the power of the weapon. Thus begins the war of the Golden Axe.
[edit] Characters

* Kain Blade

Orphaned by war and found by a famous warrior, Kain Blade learned the art of swordsmanship from an early age. When his patron died attempting to save another child from fire, Kain could not accept the way his master died. Kain's whole life had been devoted to perfecting his combat skills; death by other than combat was unimaginable.

Seen as a Samaritan by some, a meddler by others, Kain has taken to wandering the various provinces to help those in need. He seeks the axe in the hopes to unite the provinces of the continent and end the diabolical plans of his enemies, Zoma and Keel. They will try to stop him, but Kain is determined to win.

* Milan Flare

Princess of the kingdom of Winwood and descendant of Tyris Flare, who helped defeat Death Adder long ago, Milan Flare is also the protector of the kingdom and relies on wind magic to battle her adversaries. Though a bit young and brash, she takes her position of protector seriously and has won the confidence of her people.

The kingdom of Winwood is the most scientifically advanced of all the provinces. It is a prized jewel for many would-be leaders who could use the power of the winds[citation needed]. Should Milan win, the Golden Axe would be used to ensure that Winwood does not fall to foreign invaders.

* Gillius Rockhead

Coming from a family of distinguished fighters, Gillius Rockhead's great-grandfather, Gillius Thunderhead, is the legendary axeman who, with the mystical Golden Axe, helped slay Death Adder. It's not easy living in the shadow of such an ancestor, but Gillius too has perfected axe-battling and has become a renowned warrior.

When news of Death Adder's reappearance reached the town of Gilliam, Gillius Rockehead was the first to prepare for war. The people of this town must not suffer again.

* Zoma

Zoma served as an adviser to the king of Lustan, a kingdom which bordered the Southern Plateau in the ancient days. Zoma's lust for power finally became too much for the king and he banished the former minister to the Plateau. Now, as the home of Zoma, only the brave or foolish enter the Southern Plateau, a wasteland where little grows but where evil is said to thrive. It is said that he uses the life energies of captured travelers to sustain himself in this bleak environment.

Through the centuries, Zoma has been content to live off the energies of his prisoners. However, the announcement of the Golden Axe has stirred his lust for power once again. Zoma has stated that he will rule the continent "without mercy" when he wins.

* Doc

Doc is from the Island of Miribar, a unique place which ports stocked with goods and animals from distant lands, and its college of healers being the best in the provinces. When Doc resigned his position from the school to seek the Golden Axe, the island folk were stunned. A healing man who fights? No one had ever quit the college before.

Doc has promised to bring the axe back to the province. This, to say the least, has caused mixed feelings. Why welcome back a man who broke his vows, even if the returns with the legendary axe?

* Keel

From the northern province of Crystal comes Keel, and elf warrior determined to destroy all who oppose him. He is known throughout the provinces by many names: "Keel the Mad", "The Lancer", and "Stinging Ice" are among them. Those who travel across the tundra do so only in large numbers, for it is said Keel haunts the roads looking for prey.

His own clan has tried unsuccessfully to get rid of him, the last time by encasing him in ice. He should have perished, but after Death Adder's revival, Keel disappeared. Keel has always been ambitious and several elves remember him vowing that he would one day become ruler of Crystal. Only now do they fear it's possible.

* Jamm

A girl born in the northeastern part of the continent, which is a collection of small provinces that until recently battled one another. She, as a baby, was left behind when the villagers deserted the area when enemy troops approached her hamlet. The wilderness spirit Degaas found this baby girl and named her Jamm. The spirit found shelter for Jamm and asked the beasts of the lands to welcome her as one of their own.

Though still young and naive, Jamm has learned how to survive in the wilderness, even to defend herself when necessary. She has learned a number of fighting styles from the animals and hopes to keep what's left of the provinces for them.

* Panchos

When the people of the volcano province of Blo think of a guy with a good sense of humor, they think of Panchos. When they think of a guy able to learn anything, they think of Panchos. But when Panchos headed out of town last week saying he was off to look for the famed Golden Axe, dressed in bright armor and loaded with large metal balls, nobody knew what to think.

Pancho's father, an inventor, taught him from a young age the skills of this trade. But Panchos wasn't satisfied with his life and longed for adventure. When he heard that the axe had resurfaced, he headed off. Finally, life seemed to be getting exciting.

* Green

Lone survivor of a race of giants with awesome strength that lived deep in the forests of the continent. This half-human, half-plant race was attacked by Death Adder's army and all but one were killed. Green has predicted the return of Death Adder and has been preparing for it for many years.

When Green heard of the Golden Axe tale, he knew that the chance to meet Death Adder face-to-face was near. Green has not forgotten the lovely Maria, who helped him escape Death Adder's clutches. Sadly, Maria disappeared after freeing Green, though he has heard that she is still alive. This half-human giant hopes to defeat Death Adder in the coming battles and through victory have his name spread far. Perhaps Maria can them find him once again.

* Death Adder

To this day, little is known about Death Adder. He was believed dead after the battle with Gillius Thunderhead, yet rose to stalk the land. Since them, he has "died" twice more, yet somehow managed to come back from the other side. It is widely believed now that this giant is not a man, but a very evil spirit.

Rumours that he will fight for the axe have caused panic throughout the lands. Should Death Adder gain the Golden Axe, the continent will face an age of horror and despair.

* Golden Axe

A physical representation of the powers of the Golden Axe, this giant and golden armoured warrior serves as an ultimate challenge to anyone who deserves to claim the Golden Axe at his own.

A non-playable character, he is the final boss of the game and emerges from the Golden Axe after defeating Death Adder.

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