Swashbuckler (computer game)

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Swashbuckler (computer game)

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Swashbuckler is a 1982 computer game for the Apple II family of computers, created by Paul Stephenson and published by Datamost.

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[edit] Gameplay

This combat game puts the player in control of a sword-wielding swashbuckler who must fight and dispatch various attackers. Combat occurs in a wooden-beamed chamber littered with skeletons and cobwebs, which the player views from the side.

The fighter's actions are controlled with the keyboard, and include moving left or right (A and D), turning (S) and swinging the sword high (I), low (M), or lunging straight (L). The first opponent is a large, lumbering man with a spiked club; once defeated, the second opponent appears, a smaller man armed with a hatchet and a dagger. After defeating him, both opponents return and attack together. As play progresses, more opponents are added to the fray, including enormous rats and venomous snakes.

For each enemy dispatched, the game awards a point. The swashbuckler can withstand two hits, but the third kills him and ends the game. The difficulty steadily increases until he's overwhelmed.
[edit] Reception

Computer Gaming World gave the game a glowing review, only lamenting the rollover of the five-digit score at 250 (which was fixed prior to final publication), appended by an editor's note that, although the graphics were superb and the concept somewhat unique, the players at CGW grew tired of the lack of variety after a few dozen kills.[1]
[edit] Localizations

The Apple II version of the game was translated into Bulgarian under the name "Авантюрист" (Adventurer).

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