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"Atlantic Revolutions" is a cover term for a wave of late eighteenth century and early nineteenth century revolutions associated with Atlantic history during the The Age of Enlightenment.

* American Revolution (1775–1783)
* Revolt of Dutch Patriots (1785)
* French Revolution (1789–1799)
* Haitian Revolution (1791–1802)
* Polish War in the defence of constitution (1792) and Kościuszko Uprising (1794)
* Batavian Revolution (1795–1801)
* Irish Rebellion of 1798
* Latin American wars of independence
o Brazilian Declaration of Independence
+ Bahian Revolt (Inconfidência Bahiana) in Bahia, Brazil (1798)
o Spanish American wars of independence
+ Argentine War of Independence
# May Revolution (Argentina and neighbouring countries)
+ Chilean War of Independence
+ Peruvian War of Independence
+ Bolivian War of Independence
+ Military career of Simón Bolívar (Northern and central South America)
+ Ecuadorian War of Independence
+ Patria Boba (Colombia)
+ Venezuelan War of Independence
+ Mexican War of Independence

Various connecting threads among these varied uprisings include a concern for the "Rights of Man" and freedom of the individual; an idea (often predicated on John Locke or Jean-Jacques Rousseau) of popular sovereignty; belief in a "social contract", which in turn was often codified in written constitutions; a certain complex of religious convictions often associated with Deism or Voltairean agnosticism, and characterized by veneration of reason; abhorrence of feudalism and often of monarchy itself. The Atlantic Revolutions also had many shared symbols, including the name "Patriot" used by so many revolutionary groups; the slogan of "Liberty"; the liberty cap; Lady Liberty or Marianne; the tree of liberty or liberty pole, and so on.

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