I am new at this so am trying to catch up.

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I am new at this so am trying to catch up.

Post  Nicsasyn on Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:37 am

Hello. Take those memorex dvd's back to walmart and get some maxell's that are setting next to them on the shelf.I/O magic burners are made by many different manufacturers. Find your firmware version and see if there is a newer update for it at the Iomega website.From the lack of info you provide, my esp tells me that your burner's firmware will not recognize that memorex mfg code.Especially after this:Quote:burn discs perfectly on khypermedia discs You are one of the few members that are able to use that media. Khypermedia is one of the worst media out there.HP a1118x-b/athlon 64-3300+/BenQ 1650 BCDC/LG 8163B/Modded Wii/Epson-R300 and Ty Watershields!!!


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