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Post  akaishuu on Fri Oct 01, 2010 3:59 pm

Hey guess what...The other night me and my friend decided to give eachother tat's....I'm gonna buy the ink for it today. He just needs to come up with 2 good needles....most likely safety pins.....

Were just gonne do three X's on our thighs, since that is an easy place for us to hide. haah.

It's gonna be bad ass

I tried it last night. I dipped a needle in some ink I got out of a pen, and just started poking....and i poked myself about a hundred times, but all i made was a small dot, just to see how it would turn out.... I'm gonna end up cutting it off though, or burning it or something. cus i don't want just a dot. haha

anyone else ever done home made tats?
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